For any lady golfers thinking of joining a vibrant, friendly golf club look no further than Pinner Hill.

We have approximately 70 active members with a full range of handicaps meeting at weekends and weekdays, to suit everyone's circumstances, enjoying formal and fun competitions.

Club competitions played on Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday, plus informal Pick for Partners most Fridays over 9 holes and weekend Fiddles during the winter.

  • Home and away club matches.
  • Mixed Competitions (especially Bank Holiday Mondays)
  • Two Away-days per year at local courses (18 holes plus a meal and prize giving)
  • Two weekends away organised each year
  • Spring and autumn meetings
  • Spring and autumn invitation days
  • Annual Ladies Open organised every July as a team event
  • Middlesex county competitions

For ladies interested in taking up golf we run a comprehensive Golf Academy allowing you to become acquainted with the etiquette, general rules and all aspects of the game - at the same time familiarising yourself with the course which could become your Club.

Caroline Young: Lady Captain 2017

Drive in day - November 2016


Balloons and umbrellas were the order of the day for the Lady Captain's drive in, but the hardy ladies section made the best of the damp conditions and look forward to another year packed with activities. 

This year the section will be raising funds for the Alzheimer's Society.

Golf in Brittany 4th - 8th June 2016


This year 27 ladies enjoyed a wonderful few days in Brittany, playing golf in beautiful weather on three very different courses; St Cast, Dinard and St Malo Le Tronchet. 

Past Lady Captains
1930-31 Miss J Keily 1960-61 Mrs E I Thirkettle 1990-91 Mrs M Wigginton
1931-32 Mrs J H Castell 1961-62 Mrs M Williamson 1991-92 Mrs J Groce
1932-33 Miss A I Stanley 1962-63 Mrs E O Turnbull 1992-93 Mrs M Stamp
1933-34 Miss J Hally 1963-64 Mrs M Johnstone 1993-94 Mrs F Reed
1934-35 Mrs H Harris 1964-65 Mrs K Wiglesworth 1994-95 Mrs B Sims
1935-36 Mrs V W Lyons 1965-66 Mrs B Hamilton 1995-96 Mrs M Hindle
1936-37 Mrs A Boucher 1966-67 Mrs W T Warrin 1996-97 Mrs P A Biggs
1937-38 Mrs J H Castell 1967-68 Mrs P D Hovell 1997-98 Mrs V A Shaw
1938-39 Mrs W Morgan 1968-69 Mrs E Kittel 1998-99 Mrs D J Brown
1939-40 Miss H Cusack 1969-70 Mrs G Briggs 1999-00 Mrs A D Walker
1940-41 Miss H Cusack 1970-71 Mrs L G Hughes-Thomas 2000-01 Mrs P C Maynard
1941-42 Mrs M B Clark 1971-72 Mrs K Nelson 2001-02 Mrs P Grundy
1942-43 Mrs M B Clark 1972-73 Mrs P Landon 2002-03 Mrs S Bronkhorst
1943-44 Mrs M B Clark 1973-74 Mrs P Reynolds 2003-04 Mrs A Fordham
1944-45 Mrs A Boucher 1974-75 Mrs D Pomroy 2004-05 Mrs C McKenzie
1945-46 Mrs M A Close 1975-76 Mrs K F Hawgood 2005-06 Mrs D Boardley
1946-47 Miss M B Parsons 1976-77 Mrs B Hollingberry 2006-07 Ms P Barratt
1947-48 Miss M B Parsons 1977-78 Mrs J Hazard 2007-08 Mrs A Shearman
1948-49 Mrs M E McMeekin 1978-79 Mrs S D Wyner 2008-09 Mrs D Emery
1949-50 Mrs N E Bell 1979-80 Mrs J Carter 2009-10 Mrs P Biggs
1950-51 Mrs D Goode 1980-81 Mrs N Brown 2010-11 Miss R Paine
1951-52 Mrs W Bunting 1981-82 Mrs B Winson 2011-12 Mrs N Leroux
1952-53 Mrs M Barratt 1982-83 Mrs J Swann 2012-13 Mrs E Grant
1953-54 Mrs M L Stevens 1983-84 Mrs M Hinge 2013-14 Mrs M Athron
1954-55 Mrs M Anderson 1984-85 Mrs M Howe 2014-15 Mrs M Battye
1955-56 Mrs B Jay 1985-86 Mrs S Rowlands 2015-16 Mrs J Steele
1956-57 Mrs E Dover 1986-87 Miss K Payne
1957-58 Mrs E T Shaw 1987-88 Mrs C Shneier
1958-59 Mrs G Morss 1988-89 Mrs D Westray
1959-60 Mrs K Wiglesworth 1989-90 Mrs M A Gresswell



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