Past Captains

Pinner Hill past captains enjoy membership of the London Society of Golf Captains (SLGC) .

Past Captains

1929-30 J McCulloch 1959-60 W J Tippen 1988-89 H F Westray
1930-31 J McCulloch 1960-61 W J Tippen 1989-90 B J Groce
1931-32 A E Munn 1961-62 J R M Dixey 1990-91 M L Stanley
1932-33 J H Castell 1962-63 R S Dicks 1991-92 A M Cash
1933-34 B T Pannell 1963-64 S A N Dibbs 1992-93 M A Gresswell
1934-35 A G Griggs 1964-65 G S Turnbull 1993-94 B Pipe
1935-36 M Tail 1965-66 F W B Kittel 1994-95 N Shneier
1936-37 W J Griggs 1966-67 J H Chignall 1995-96 N Shneier
1937-38 J Abernethy 1967-68 J S Lees 1996-97 P J Dowel
1938-39 J H Castell 1968-69 T F Leeper 1997-98 I N Prentice
1939-40 L Craven 1969-70 M J Reynolds  1998-99 A T Hill
1941-42 D R Fraser 1970-71 R A Grigg 1999-00 I Walker
1942-43 D R Fraser 1971-72 L H W Woodbridge 2000-01 D R Murray
1943-44 D R Fraser 1972-73 Dr E J Trimmer 2001-02 A Berry
1944-45 G Stothard 1973-74 F C Briggs 2002-03 N C Biggs
1945-46 G Stothard 1974-75 R O Atkinson 2003-04 C Franklin
1946-47 M E McMeekin 1975-76 K G Lewendon 2004-05 A E Brown
1947-48 W T Warrin 1976-77 J T Stamp 2005-06 A G McKenzie
1948-49 W T Warrin 1977-78 H C Fox 2006-07 D I Johnstone
1949-50 H W Cutler 1978-79 T G Hawgood 2007-08 R Y Maynard
1950-51 H W Cutler 1979-80 A Joyce 2008-09 J Culling
1951-52 H W Cutler 1980-81 T F Leeper 2009-10 T Butfield
1952-53 J M H Laidlaw 1981-82 J A Carter 2010-11 H Henriques
1953-54 H C Treglown 1982-83 B H Atkins 2011-12 A Skuse
1954-55 T Anderson 1983-84 C H Evans 2012-13 K Hall
1955-56 T Anderson 1984-85 V S Abbott 2013-14 M Madrid
1956-57 W T Warrin 1985-86 A S Bruton 2014-15 S Selwyn
1956-57 W T Warrin 1986-87 F W Grant 2015-16 M Haines
1957-58 E J Clague 1987-88 K J Newton
1958-59 J E Balmer 1988-89 H F Westray

The Mayor of Harrow's Charity Day at Stanmore GC

2016 Winners - Henri Henriques, John Culling, Peter Dale (Vice Capt) and Mike Haines (Capt)



SLGC Annual Dinner Dec. 2014

Standing (L-R): Irvine Walker, Alan Hill, Tony Cash, Greg Smith (Pro), John Stamp, Henri Henriques, Chris Franklin, Alan Brown, Alan Skuse, Alan Findlater (Gen. Manager)

Seated: Mike Haines (VC), Peter Dowell (President), Terry Butfield, Stuart Selwyn (Captain), John Culling (Chairman), Marcos Madrid (IPC),


John Stamp is installed as President of the SLGC

L-R: Tony Cash (PH President), Bob Maynard, Ken Hall (Capt), John Stamp (SLGC President), Cliff Briggs, Alan Hill, Barry Groce, Ken Newton


Past Captain and Past President of Pinner Hill, John Stamp has just been inaugurated as this year’s President of the Society of London Golf Captains. Here seen with some of the Pinner Past Captains at the SLGC AGM.

This is a great honour for John and for Pinner Hill. The third member of Pinner Hill (The staunchest club of the society)to become President after Dickie Warrin and Cliff Briggs (Seen here in the second photo.)


The CasPar Trophy - (The Presidents' Trophy)

For many years Pinner Hill's and Grimsdyke' s past captains have enjoyed a friendly rivalry on the annual Autumn Tour by playing “for the Port” based upon each side’s cumulative team scores . Our respective Presidents realised that, whilst we shared in several social events each year, we did not have a match specifically played by our past captains. Thus is born the CasPar Trophy – fittingly a crystal glass port decanter – named after Pinner’s Tony Cash and Grimsdyke’s Ian Parks. Pinner Hill won the inaugural 2012 match 3-2; and in keeping with the generous spirit of PCs, the winners provided the Port to fill the decanter. It has been decided that, henceforth, the competition will be known as “The Presidents’ Trophy” to be played for each spring – next year at Grimsdyke.

17th April 2013  - The Presidents Trophy played at Grim's Dyke GC - On a windy, sunny day with "difficult" greens PH lost 2½ - 3½  ;o(

The Middlesex County Dinner 2013

With Greg Smith (top left)and Lloyd Millwood (front centre)

A selection of PCs

Vic Abbot, Tony Cash, Alan Skuse, Henri Henriques, John Culling and Irvine Walker (kneeling) (quite right!)

with Gary Clark (PGA pro) [far right] and Greg Smith (PHGC Pro) [3rd from right]

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