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The Rabbits Section


Three Ways to Finish Your Swing

         The Tiger                       The Fox                      and the Rabbit ....

Rabbits Committee Officers for 2017

Rabbits Captain Peter Atkinson

07901 716775

Vice Captain Pat Mcloughlin 07715 823732
Secretary John Choopani 07900 257358
Treasurer Manuel Perez 07718 319334
Competitions Sec Pat Mcloughlin 07715 823732
FRC Ken Battye
Social Events Representative Chris Williams
New Members Representative Simon Stevens
Roll Up Representative John Roberts
Greens Representative John Whyte
Invitation Day Lead - Peter Atkinson, with John Choopani, Martin Camps and Pat McLoughlin
Rabbits Ladies Night Lead -  Chris Williams, Simon Stevens and Sue Williams
Rabbits Shirts & Ties Marcos Madrid


Golf Matters

Friendly matches update

 We start our extensive programme of Friendly Matches in February and the attached sheet gives details of the full schedule and the match organiser for each. Please keep a copy and why not plan ahead and let the match organisers know of any you’d like to be selected for.

But please select home and away fixtures if you can.

 For those of you not wishing to plan so far ahead

Again please email the match organiser if you are available to play.

Although we have always managed to supply a full team for our friendly matches we do find we are becoming ever more reliant on our regular players for which we are always grateful.

However it would be good to see some new faces especially during the holiday season when many of our regulars are away. I do understand many of you have work commitments and cannot decide to take an afternoon off playing golf but maybe others of you are reluctant to play for different reasons maybe; timing of the matches, the formal dinner after or the actual cost. If this is the case we’d love to hear from you so we can see what we can do to improve things.

In the past a number rabbits have requested that some matches be played on Saturdays but many of the clubs we play are reluctant to allow friendly matches during the weekends and other social events in the evenings often preclude a post-match dinner. I will however make enquiries to see if any clubs are interested in playing friendly matches on the weekends to see if there is any interest.

It’s also worth noting that if you manage to play in three friendly matches against other clubs in the Stanley West group you would be eligible for selection in our SW team for the inter club knockout competition. The last time we won this coveted trophy was in 2010.


Details of all the Rabbits competitions are in the information sheets attached which I’d suggest you print out and keep for future reference.

The winter competitions are now in full swing but there are still many fixtures to play especially in the Stan Bryant Winter Leagues. Please make sure you do manage to complete all your matches on time as, I understand from Pat, there will not be any extensions unless there are a number of course closures.

Rabbits Roll-ups

 In 2014 Peter La Farge set up a ‘Rabbits Roll-up’ email list so rabbits could email all those on it if they are looking for a game at any time mid-week or even at weekends. Anybody looking for a game would simply send an email to ‘all’ and those interested can then also reply to ‘all’. As I know you already receive too many emails from me I’m not intending to send any requests to ‘all rabbits’ but should you wish to be included on the ‘roll-up’ list please let either Peter pdlafarge@gmail.com or me know.

 And finally if you are no longer a Pinner Hill Rabbit and do not wish to receive section emails anymore please let me know and I promise I will stop invading your in box.

Best regards

John Choopani - Rab Secretary


Rabbits Section Information and Events 




This competition was introduced in 1986 by former Rabbits Captain, Barry Pipe.  One of the original purposes of the competition was to help in assessing players for inclusion in the Rabbits team competing for the Stanley West Trophy.  This is a singles format Stableford Competition, open to all Rabbits.

Special Rules:

1. This competition may be played on the Friday or Saturday over the nominated weekend to enable 5-day members to play without having to pay an additional green fee.

2. All holes must be putted out to completion to count.  Markers must not allow given putts.




This is one of the oldest competitions in the section, dating back to the late 1940's.  The trophy was presented to the section by the Managing Director of Ingersoll Watch Company.  The competition itself symbolises the encouragement the Rabbits section gives to other sections of the club.  The competition is played as a 4-ball match play knock-out, with a Tiger or Fox partnering a Rabbit. Rabbits can choose their own partners, though if there are any Rabbits wishing to play who do not have a partner, the Competition Secretary will endeavour to arrange a partner for them.  The competition is normally played between April and October.

Special Rules:

1. In the event of uneven numbers applying for the competition, byes will be granted or an additional preliminary round will be added to even up the draw.

2. It is the Rabbits’ responsibility to arrange match dates and ensure payment of their partner’s entry fee.



This is the oldest Competition in the Rabbits section dating back to 1946/47, the season when the Rabbits Section (then known as the High Handicap Section) was formed by Donald Woodley and friends.  It is a singles match play knock-out competition open to all Rabbits, played between April and October. This competition is not open to 500 club members.

Special Rules:

1. All matches must be played as singles. In the event that players break this rule, both players will be disqualified.



The Summer Eclectic started in 1991 and the Dowell Cup was presented by Peter Dowell, who was the Rabbits captain in 1989.   The Eclectic is played by putting in one card in each of the six months (April to September) with the best score on each hole during the competition period being counted. The player with the lowest net score is the winner.  It is not necessary to submit a card for all months.  In the event of a tie, the winner will decided on count-back.  

Special rules:

1. Sign and date the monthly sheet before commencing play.

2. Declare the eclectic round to playing partners before commencing.

3. A playing partner must mark and sign the card.

4. No given putts are allowed.

5. One card per month only to be played at any time up to month end.

6. Improved scores must be circled on the card.

7. The handicap at the end of the competition applies to all rounds.



This competition was established in 1949. The Silver Cup was presented to the section by 2 brothers called Phil & Effing Forster, an affectionate referral to 1 brother’s use of very colourful language! This is a singles format Stableford Competition, played mid to late September.  This competition is not open to 500+club members.

Special rules:                    

1. This competition may be played on the Friday or Saturday of the nominated weekend, to enable 5-day members to play. 

2. All holes must be putted out to completion to count. Markers must not allow given putts.




This Competition started in the Winter of 1997/98 with the trophy being awarded by the late Stan Bryant, a long serving committee member and twice Rabbits Captain. The Competition starts out in singles leagues with the winners and, depending on the numbers in groups, potentially some runners-up, going through to a knock-out stage.

Special Rules:

1. Competitors will be arranged in groups.  The number of entries will determine the size and number of groups.  Each competitor will play all others in the group once, in a match play format.

2. The winners of each group go through to the knock-out stage, together with either the runner-up from each group or those with the next highest scores to the winners, to make a total of 8 qualifiers.

3. In the event of a tie, the leagues will be decided by the best net holes won score.  In the event of total holes being the same, then the "head to head" winner will go through. If a tie still remains there will be a play-off.

4. All matches must be played as singles.  In the event that players break this rule, all players will have nil points awarded for the game.

5. Points are awarded in group stage:  Win=4, Draw=2, Loss=0, Bye=3.

6. If games are not completed by the due date, all remaining matches will be awarded nil points.


This competition started in the 1980/81 season.  At that time there were 2 Canadian Rabbits (Gary Richards and Bill Yerex), who worked for the Canadian Air Force. They returned to Canada in 1983; prior to departure they donated the Air Canada Shield as the winning trophy for the Winter Four-ball.  The competition is open to all Rabbits.  Partners will be drawn and the competition is played as a four-ball better-ball knock-out. The competition is played between October and March.

Special Rules:

  1. It is the responsibility for all players to ensure matches are completed by the due dates.  Failure to do this will result in disqualification of both pairs.



The Winter Eclectic was started many years ago with the trophy being presented by the committee to encourage competition in the winter season.  The winner’s name goes on the honour board in the main lobby area. The Eclectic is played by putting in one card in each of the six months (October to March) with the best score on each hole during the competition period being counted.  The player with the lowest net score is the winner.  It is not necessary to submit a card for all months.  In the event of a tie, the winner will decided on count-back.  This competition is not open to 500 club members.

Special rules:                    

The special rules noted for the Summer Eclectic also apply in full for the Winter Eclectic.


All Year Competitions


This competition started in 1993/4. The Birdie Cup was presented by Mrs Bob Jones in 1993, wife of the late Bob Jones who was a previous Rabbits Captain. The competition runs all season commencing October 1st in any year.

Special Rules:

1. Only “birdies” scored at Pinner Hill in Rabbits Competitions or home Rabbit matches count towards the competition.

2. Only gross birdies are to count.

3. Circle any birdies on your cards to claim.

4. Holes-in-1 and Eagles count as 2 Birdies.


This award was presented to the Rabbits Section by the late Bob Atkinson, Rabbits Captain in 1971. It was awarded to the Rabbit who scores the most points throughout all the Rabbits Singles Competitions.

Special Rules:

1. Only Singles Rabbits Competitions are taken into account.  These are: Winter/Summer Eclectics;  Stan Bryant; Woodley; Spring Trophy and Forster Cup.

2. Points are awarded as follows: 10 points for the winners of Eclectics, Spring Trophy and Forster Cup, reducing to 1 point for 10th place. The winner of the Stan Bryant or Woodley gets 10 points; runner-up to get 9 points; losing semi-finalist gets 8 points and losing quarter-finalist gets 6 points In addition the runners up in the Stan Bryant leagues who don’t go through to the quarter finals are awarded 2 points.

3. In the event of a tie, the trophy will be shared.

4. The winner will become Pinner Hill's Super Rabbit, and be the Section’s entrant into any Super Rabbit Competitions.


This award is made totally at the discretion of the outgoing captain and is presented at the AGM to the Rabbit whom he believes has contributed most to the Rabbits Section above & beyond the call of duty, either during the year, or over a period of time.


Other Matches and Events

Please see the Rabbits Section Notice Board in the lower changing room for up-to-date information


During the summer months we have matches with the Ladies section, against the Foxes section, against the Juniors, against a team of Former Rabbits Captains and the Intersection Challenge.   These matches are all followed by dinner to round off an afternoon of friendly but competitive golf.   A notice will be published for each match and all Rabbits are invited to make themselves available.   Team selection is decided by the Rabbits Captain.


Matches are played home and away from February to November against 12 local clubs, followed by an informal lunch, or jacket and tie dinner.   The timetable is posted on the Rabbits Section Notice Board, so please mark your availability.   A Match Organiser picks the team from those available.  Preference is given to those able to play both home and away dates.  500+Club members may be invited to play in section inter-club matches, but must swipe their club card in order to debit the appropriate green fee for both home and away events


This commemorates the late Stanley West from Sudbury GC who began the friendly matches mentioned above.  It is a knock-out 10-man team singles event within the other local clubs and is the most prestigious competition we play.  A place in the team is highly prized and candidates must have played in at least 3 of the friendly matches above.   Team selection is decided by the Rabbits Captain.


The Rabbits Invitation Day in September is a great day for Rabbits and guests. The day starts with breakfast, then an 18-hole better-ball Stableford competition, which is run in conjunction with a team competition, followed by lunch and Prize Giving, finishing at around  4.00pm.   Teams from other Clubs are also invited to join in an excellent day of golf and fun.


Last year we went to the Suffolk Coast for 3 days of golf, and in previous years we have ventured to both Portugal and France.  This year it looks like Norfolk, so read your emails and watch the Rabbits Section Notice Board for details.  It will surely be the normal mix of golf and good cheer.


The highlight of the Rabbits social calendar, is generally recognised by all sections as "the one not to miss!”  We like to think it is our way of saying thanks to the ladies who support us and put up with the endless analysis of our great (golfing) moments. This year we are combining with the foxes on the night and there will be a needle match between the two sections during the day.


The AGM is held in November and marks the end of one captaincy and start of another.   The evening starts with the AGM (around 20 minutes), followed by  welcoming in the new Rabbits Captain, then dinner and prize giving for the year’s competitions.   It is far from dull and is always a lively dinner.   It is suggested you book early as numbers are limited.


General Competition Rules

 1. Competitions are open to all members with an active handicap of between 18.5 (19) and 28.  A player who has entered a competition and subsequently had his handicap reduced to below 18.5 will be allowed to continue in the competition, but must play off his new handicap.

 2.  5-day members wishing to play in competitions must pay a green fee if playing on a Saturday or Sunday.

 3. Matches must be arranged promptly by both competitors to enable completion of a round by the due date.  If any matches are not played and have not been claimed by either party before the due date, both competitors will be disqualified.  Any dispute or claim to be referred to the Competition Secretary for a decision.

 4. At least 3 dates must be offered to opponents, two of which must be at weekends. 

5. Extensions on timing can only be granted by the Competition Secretary in very exceptional circumstances. 

6. All Rabbit competitions must be played from the yellow tees, or the tee of the day, subject to club ruling e.g. Winter Tees. 

7. Competition cards must be legibly completed and show the competitor’s full name, handicap, competition name, tees used & date.  The competitor and marker must sign the card on return to the clubhouse.  The marker must initial all alterations and print name under signature if not a player on the card.  Completed cards must be placed in the Rabbits Competition Box. 

8. The entry fee must be paid before playing.  Fees to be placed in a named envelope, clearly indicating the competition, and put in the Rabbits Competition Box. 

9. For non-match play, where a competition requires a card, e.g. Eclectics, time-sheets (displayed on the Rabbits Section Notice Board) must be signed by all players prior to play commencing, clearly stating date and time of playing. 

10. All competition draws will be made by the Competition Secretary and one other Committee Member. 

11. Holders of trophies are responsible for keeping them safe, insured, in good clean condition, returning the trophies by 1st October to the Competition Secretary.  Trophies are presented at the Annual AGM/Dinner in November.  

12. Any member who wishes to propose changes to the rules, must put the proposal in writing to the Competition Secretary for consideration by the Committee. 

13. In the event of any disputes, the decision of the Competition Secretary is final. 

14. Handicaps at the time of closing date of competitions will be used. 

15. In the case of match play, the number of shots to be given is as follows: 

  • In singles, the player with the higher handicap receives shots equivalent to the difference between the two players’ handicaps.   These are taken on the holes with Stroke Index 1 upwards, up to the number of shots received.  For example, if Player A is off 20 and Player B is off 25, Player B receives 5 shots; on holes with Stroke Index 1 to 5, Player B receives 1 shot each from Player A.  So, on each of these holes, if both players complete the hole in 5 shots, Player B finishes with net 4 shots and wins the hole.
  • In doubles, the shots received are taken from the player with the lowest handicap, but the number of shots received is ¾ of the difference between the two players’ handicaps, rounded to the nearest whole number.  As in singles, these are taken on the holes with Stroke Index 1 upwards, up to the number of shots received.  For example, if Player A is off 16, Player B is off 18, Player C is off 19 and Player D is off 22, the shots received are as follows: Player B receives 2 shots (¾ of 2 is 1.5, rounded up to 2).  Player C receives 2 shots (¾ of 3 is 2.25, rounded down to 2). Player D receives 5 shots (¾ of 6 is 4.5, rounded up to 5).


Special rules for 500+Club members

500+Club members may play in all the Rabbit’s competitions except the Winter Eclectic, Woodley Cup and Forster Cup which, because they are boarded, are only open to 5 and 7 day members.   Also see note above regarding friendly matches.


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