Pinner Hill Golf Club

Local Rules (Rule 20.3)

1. OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 18.2)

Areas NOT on the course are defined as Out of Bounds. 

  • Beyond any wall or fence bounding the course. 
  • Beyond any white line or white stakes defining Out of Bounds. 
  • The patio areas surrounding the Clubhouse.
  • In or beyond the boundary ditch to the left of the 1st and 8th holes.
  • A ball coming to rest on or beyond the bridle path beyond the 8th green and to the left of the 9th hole is out of bounds, even if it comes to rest on another part of the course that is in bound for other holes. 

If there is any doubt that a player’s ball is ‘Out-of-Bounds’ to keep to the speed of play’ (Rule 5.6b) a player should play a provisional ball and apply the applicable options within the Rules 18.1; 18-2; 18-3.


2. PENALTY AREAS (Rule 17)

  • Penalty Areas are defined by either red or yellow stakes and/or lines with the edge of the penalty areas defined by its natural boundaries.
  • Unmarked ditches on the course (even if they do not contain water) are deemed as red penalty areas.

If there is doubt whether a ball has reached the penalty area to the right of the 18th hole from the 18th tee, to keep the required speed of play (Rule 5.6b) the player MUST play a provisional ball:

  • If a ball is found outside this penalty area the player MUST continue to play with this ball (Rule 18.3c).
  • If the original ball is found in the penalty area the player MAY either play the original ball as it lies or continue with the ball played provisionally under Rule 18.3b.
  • If the original ball is not found or identified within a 3 minute search period, the player MUST continue with the ball played provisionally (Rule 18.1).



The following areas are defined as No Play Zones and are treated as Abnormal Course Conditions.  Relief must be taken from interference by the No Play Zone under Rule 16.1f:

  • Young trees identified by stakes or artificial protection. 
  • All flower beds on the course including the shrubs planted on the 4th, 8th and 16th tees.

Play is prohibited: if a player’s ball lies in these areas or if it interferes with a player’s stance or intended swing the player MUST take relief without penalty in accordance with the Rule.  



  • All areas indicated by white lines.
  • All fixed sprinkler heads.
  • For immovable obstructions close to the putting green interference also exists if an Immovable Obstruction is on the player's line of play, and is within two club-lengths of the ball.  The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b.
  • The bells and their stands/support on the 2nd and 16th holes.  No line of play relief is permitted.
  • All artificially surfaced paths.


  • A ball lying in a track made by mechanical equipment or hoof marks.  Relief may be taken under Rule 16.1.
  • Drainage slits on the course are deemed Ground Under Repair.  Relief from interference is available under Rule 16.1a.  Interference exists when any one of these is true:
    • The player’s ball touches or is in or on the drainage slit,
    • The drainage slit physically interferes with the player’s area of intended stance or area of intended swing.
  • In hot and dry conditions cracks in the ground in parts of the general area cut to fairway height or less are deemed Ground Under Repair, however interference by a crack with a player’s stance is deemed NOT to be, of itself, interference under Rule 16.1.  If a ball lies in or touches any crack, or the area of the intended swing, relief is available under Rule 16.1a.



Rule 4.3a permits the use of DISTANCE measuring devices.  However, devices that are designed to gauge or measure other conditions such as wind speed, temperature or gradients are not permitted regardless of whether such an additional function is used or not.  Any player found in breach of Rule 4.3 will be disqualified.



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